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Peter TrofimenkoFriends,

The American Balalaika Symphony is casting a fresh light on symphonic music as we  commit ourselves to developing new and appealing contemporary dimensions.

Don't be put off by the word "contemporary." In our case, it does not mean inaccessible, atonal, or modernistic. This is music written for orchestras to produce a lush and warm sound.

When most people hear the word "balalaika," they think only of Russian folk music.

But the American Balalaika Symphony is a full symphonic orchestra with a complex structure and musical functions more characteristic of large symphonic orchestras.

In fact, our strings are in some ways more sophisticated than "regular" bowed strings. Not only do we have two string groups—balalaikas and domras, with distinctly different sound palettes—but each comes in more configurations than bowed strings and allows for more precision in defining musical functions within the orchestra.

Add bayans, which are among the most versatile instruments ever invented, and you have an orchestra capable of resolving the most challenging artistic tasks.

We are thrilled to bring quality music into the community, and are happy to find such an enthusiastic response from all of you, our audience. It is our goal to put a a smile on your face, a sparkle in your eye, and good cheer in your heart!

Peter Trofimenko
Artistic Director
American Balalaika Symphony

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